Patent Application Fee Calculator

This calculator estimates attorney time and basic filing fees for filing a United States patent application. Telephone conversations, meetings, and basic correspondence associated with the preparation of the application are included in the estimates. This calculator does not calculate costs associated with patent searching, preparing and filing responses to communications from the Patent Office (Office actions), foreign filings, or any “downstream” costs (which can be substantial).  For more information on these additional costs and fees, please see

Entity Size

A small entity has less than 500 employees. To claim small entity status, an entity must not have assigned, granted, conveyed, or licensed any rights in the invention to any entity that has more than 500 employees (and must not be under any obligation to do so).

Type of application to be filed:


Number of embodiments:
Small differences (e.g. color, size, shape) are almost never separate embodiments. Generally different embodiments would require additional sets of claims.

Number of drawing sheets anticipated:
The drawing fee will be the actual fee charged by a professional draftsman. If you prepare the drawings yourself, you will be charged at my hourly rate for assistance and/or review. For purposes of this calculation, provisional applications will not include a drawing fee. If you anticipate needing professional drawings for your provisional application, you should add a cost of $150 per sheet of drawings to the estimates below.

Is the application to be assigned to another entity? (e.g. a corporation)

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High estimate

For utility applications, the difference between the high and the low estimates is determined by factors such as how complicated the invention is. For provisional applications, the high estimate includes time for reviewing the application. These estimates also include basic Patent Office fees and, for utility inventions having multiple embodiments, Patent Office fees for a few additional claims. This estimate is for reference purposes only and must be confirmed to be valid. Please contact me and we can discuss your particular situation.