If you have an idea or an invention that you want protected, I can help you with the following services:

  • Patent prosecution for software, business methods, mechanical devices, and electrical apparatus. From writing the patent application, to responding to Office actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, to obtaining and maintaining an issued patent, I will work with you to meet your patent goals.
  • Creative solutions tailored to your real intellectual property needs. Together we will take the time to discuss your specific needs, explore alternatives, and develop a strategy unique to your idea, invention, and business.
  • Patentability, noninfringement, and infringement opinions. Is your invention patentable? If you produce your invention, will you be infringing on someone else's patent? Is someone else infringing on your patent rights?
  • Strategic analysis and counseling directed to your intellectual property portfolio. Do you really need a patent? Are there other types of intellectual property protection that can be used to protect your invention? Is foreign protection available and do you need it?